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R.J. Cox Engineering is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of materials handling and hospitality equipment including wheels and castors, for the hospitality, medical, manufacturing, mining and engineering industries.

RJ Cox, as we are known, has been involved in engineering solutions since its origins in 1938. We provide both custom-designed and built engineering solutions as well as an extensive catalogue of products from the foremost manufacturers of materials handling and hospitality equipment.

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How it all started

Eric Cox started business in 1938 and the first trolleys, made of wood, were manufactured for New South Wales railways during the war years. Now over 80 years later, RJ Cox, a division of E.W. Cox Pty Ltd, is still manufacturing trolleys – no longer wooden, but state of the art using twenty-first century materials and processes.

Right from the start, RJ Cox was always about more than trolleys. Our engineering expertise was applied in the 1950s to the design and manufacture of conveyor systems for our leading manufacturers of industrial and domestic goods, ranging from biscuits to coal handling.

In the 1960s, EW Cox Pty Ltd – Victoria, was established and diversified into manufacturing building maintenance units, conveyors and elevators. By the 1970's, EW Cox Pty Ltd - Sydney, had expanded to cover general engineering, fabrication and machining; manufacture, service and installation of conveyors, roofing accessories, sheetmetal, turntables and other materials handling equipment; merchandising materials handling and hospitality equipment; wholesale hardware distribution and sales and service of building maintenance units in Australia and south-east Asia.

Our highly successful building maintenance units business was sold in 1990 and the remaining components of the business were rationalised. Now we apply the benefits of decades of engineering experience to our core activities associated with materials handling, hospitality and safety equipment.

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