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Waste Management

Round Brute Storage BinsRound Brute Storage Bins
Food grade plastic, professional grade construction.Strong, snap-on lids available for secure, stable stacking. Lids are optional extras.
Infinity Smoking Management SolutionsInfinity Smoking Management Solutions
Sophisticated styling and all-metal, high-capacity designs for attractive and efficient smoking litter management.
Slim Jim ContainersSlim Jim Containers
Deliver the durability needed for commercial environments combined with brand new innovation to increase worker productivity
Utility ContainersUtility Containers
Versatile and tough for indoor or outdoor applications. Durable and crack-resistant, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions
Recycling ContainersRecycling Containers
Rubbermaid Commercial Recycling Bin is made of post-consumer recycled resin for commercial recycling use.
Landmark SeriesLandmark Series
Combining style with functionality, this unit has a hefty build, providing sturdiness and durability in any environment, while its sleek black color enhances its visual appeal
Step-on Stainless Steel and Resin Slim Waste BinsStep-on Stainless Steel and Resin Slim Waste Bins
Range of Resin and Stainless Steel Foot Operated Bins for Hands free waste disposal, featuring a slim profile and small footprint.

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