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High Security Janitor Trolley - FG9T75 & 1861427

High Security Janitor Trolley - FG9T75 & 1861427
High Security Janitor Trolley - FG9T75 & 1861427
Price: AUD $1,181.95 (Ex GST AUD $1,074.50)
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The ultimate in secure housekeeping carts with lockable security hoods and cabinet-locking doors.

High-Security Janitor trolleys keep the cleaning products concealed from view and locked up when the cart is unattended; they are commonly used in Healthcare Facilities, Hotels, Resorts, Offices, and Retail. 

Features of Rubbermaid High-Security Janitor Carts

  • Executive Series - 1861427 BLACK High-Security Janitors Cart
  • Versatile - The arms can be switched, and the platform removed to customise the cart to suit your specific needs
  • Compact size excellent in space-constrained areas, with a high capacity-to-footprint ratio, only 22" (559mm) wide.
  • 100mm dia castors and 200m dia ball bearing wheels
  • Easy clean, non-rusting aluminium and structural web plastic construction, less likely to harbour germs and bacteria
  • Large Locking Security Hood accessible from both sides
  • A large 0.21m3 Cabinet area with locking full-length doors on both sides of the cart reduces the time retrieving supplies  
  • High Waste Capacity, Leakproof Vinyl Bag
  • Storage Compartment / Rubbish Cover - Conceal dirty linens or waste and keeps odours at bay.
  • Lobby Dustpan / Vacuum holder and Rubber Tool grip hold up to 5 handles upright.
  • Hooks will hold up to four Safety Signs.
  • Two removable 9.5-litre Bottle Carry Caddies - Holds max. six spray bottles
  •      (FG9T7500 BLA Yellow Caddies - 1861427 Executive Series: Black Caddies)
  • Mop bucket platform with grooves to keep WaveBrake or Microfibre Charging Bucket securely attached 

N.B. Mops, Buckets and other cleaning items pictured - NOT included

Specifications of Rubbermaid High Security Cleaning Carts
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1226 x 559 x 1359mm

Order Codes:

FG9T7500 BLA High-Security Housekeeping Cart Compact - Yellow Caddies and Yellow Bag
1861427 Executive Series High-Security Cart Compact - Black Caddies and Black Bag 
1966881 Vinyl 128 Litre High Capacity Vinyl Bag - Yellow (FG9T7500 - Comes Standard) 
1966886 Vinyl 128 Litre High Capacity Vinyl Bag - Black  (1861427 - Comes Standard) 
1966889 Side Load Mesh Linen Bag
FG9T9000 BLA 9 Pocket Organiser
FG9T8901 0000 Triple Waste Wire Bag Holders
FGQ95088YEL Microfibre Charging Bucket
FG758088 YEL WaveBrake Side Press Combo Mop Bucket
FG9T8400 YEL Yellow Organising Bin
FG9T8301 4.8 Litre bottle caddie set - One Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green (set of 4)
1857378 4.8 Litre Pail Black - Set of 4 
FG9T8200 YEL 9.5 litre Bottle Caddie - Yellow (FG9T7500 - Comes Standard with 2) 
FG9T8200 BLA 9.5 litre Bottle Caddie - Black (1861427 - Comes Standard with 2) 
FG9T8600 BLA Locking Security Hood (Comes Standard) 
1995833 Locking Door Kit (Comes Standard) 
FG617900 BLA Storage Compartment/Cover (Comes Standard)

Rubbermaid High Security Healthcare Cleaning Cart 9T75

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