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ProSave Sliding Lid for BRUTE Containers

ProSave Sliding Lid for BRUTE Containers
Price: AUD $101.75 (Ex GST AUD $92.50)
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Rubbermaid ProSave Clear Rotating Lid with Window for Brute Ingredient Storage Tubs is available in three sizes to fit various tubs. It includes an integrated storage for the dedicated scoop, making it perfect for commercial kitchens.

Features of Rubbermaid ProSave Clear Rotating Lid Fits Brute Containers:

  • Three sizes are available for different-sized tubs
  • Includes 2, 3 or 4-cup Scoop capacity
  • Rotating Lid for One-hand access to increased productivity
  • Transparent cover for quick identification of ingredients and inventory management
  • Dedicated Scoop Storage for food safety compliance and efficiency 
  • Safe in Commercial Dishwashers 

FG9G7600WHT: 45.5 Litre Tub Lid with 2 Cup Scoop 9G76 fits 2610 Brute Container

FG9G7700WHT: 91 Litre Tub Lid with 3 Cup Scoop 9G77 fits 2620 Brute Container

FG9G7800WHT: 146 Litre Tub Lid with 4 Cup Scoop 9G78 fits 2632 Brute Container 

FG9G7800WHT: 146 Litre Tub Lid with 4 Cup Scoop 9G78 fits 2632 Brute Container 

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