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ProSave Mobile Ingredient Storage Bins with Slanting Top and Scoop

ProSave Mobile Ingredient Storage Bins with Slanting Top and Scoop
ProSave Mobile Ingredient Storage Bins with Slanting Top and Scoop
Price: AUD $581.35 (Ex GST AUD $528.50)
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Rubbermaid ProSave Mobile Ingredients Bins offer convenient storage solutions for various establishments such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, and kitchens.

These bins come with several features designed to enhance efficiency and ease of use:

Sliding Clear Door: Allowing easy, one-hand access to the ingredients. This feature also facilitates quick identification of the contents.

Lightweight Rectangular Design: Space-optimised rectangular design, making it suitable for storage under preparation tables or in storerooms without taking up excessive space.

Fit Under Preparation Table or in Storeroom: Tailored to fit conveniently under preparation tables or storage rooms, maximising the utilisation of available space.

Castors for Easy Transportation: With wide 75mm castors, these bins are easily portable, enabling smooth transportation and flexibility in positioning.

Improved Efficiency: Enhance ingredient storage and retrieval efficiency. The sliding lid, transparent door, and integrated scoop with a hanging hook provide a seamless workflow.

Seamless Design for Easy Cleaning: The seamless design of the bins facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic storage environment for ingredients.

Snap Fit, Integrated Sliding Lid: The integrated sliding lid features a snap-fit mechanism, allowing one-handed access to the contents. This feature enhances convenience during food preparation.

Clear Door for Quick Identification: The clear door provides a visual cue for quickly identifying stored ingredients. This contributes to a more organised and efficient kitchen setup.

Integrated Scoop with Hanging Hook: The bins have an integrated scoop with a hanging hook. This feature ensures that the scoop is readily available and easily accessible when needed.

Certified to NSF Std. No. 2: All Rubbermaid ProSave Mobile Ingredients Bins are certified to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard No. 2, indicating hygiene and safety standards compliance.

FDA-Compliant Molded Plastic: The bins are constructed with FDA-compliant moulded plastic, ensuring they meet regulatory standards for food safety.

Front Fixed, Rear Swivel: The bins are equipped with front fixed and rear swivel castors, providing stability in the front and maneuverability at the rear for easy positioning.

Model Number

FG360088 WHT

FG360288 WHT 

FG360388 WHT













Flour Capacity




Sugar Capacity

71 kg



Carton Cube:




Shipping Weight:




 These features collectively make Rubbermaid ProSave Mobile Ingredients Bins a practical and efficient solution for ingredient storage in commercial kitchen environments.

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